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Advantages of steel structure construction

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Advantages of steel structure construction

Issue Time:2020-06-24
  Steel is the preferred metal for building large structures such as bridges, single story industrial buildings and residential buildings. There are three types of steel structure: conventional steel structure, bolt steel structure and light steel structure. Steel structure construction has many advantages over concrete construction. The following is a list of advantages provided by steel structure construction:

1、 Steel is a very durable metal. It can withstand considerable external pressure. Therefore, steel structure is aseismic while concrete structure is fragile. Concrete is not as strong as steel.

2、 Steel structure has good bearing capacity, while concrete structure has low bearing capacity.

Three, steel is a kind of tensile metal. It has a high strength to weight ratio. Steel structure is 60% lighter than concrete.

4、 Steel structures can have no foundation, but this does not apply to concrete structures because they are heavy.

5、 The steel structure is easy to install and the construction speed is fast. This helps speed up the project. On the other hand, concrete construction takes time.

6、 Good scrap value also makes structural steel better choice than concrete, because concrete has little scrap value.

7、 Steel structure is easy to manufacture and mass production. They are versatile and easy to assemble, disassemble and replace. The steel structure can be modified even at the last minute.

8、 Another advantage of steel structure is that it can be constructed off-site by a professional steel structure manufacturer and then assembled on site.

9、 Steel structures are an environmentally friendly option because they are easy to recycle. This means you can save money on waste management.

10、 Finally, the steel structure is light and easy to transport. Steel structure construction is a safe choice. Using steel structure in construction will not cause harm to health.

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