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Responsibility for construction management of steel structure engineering

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Responsibility for construction management of steel structure engineering

Issue Time:2020-05-07
In recent years, the application of steel structure in construction engineering has become more and more extensive, and has achieved very good application results. In the construction of construction projects, the use of steel structure engineering for design can not only make the construction project have a larger span space, but also have the advantages of convenient installation, so that its application in construction engineering is becoming more and more widely. This puts forward higher requirements for the management personnel of the steel structure engineering construction. Therefore, the responsibilities of the steel structure engineering construction management personnel should be clarified and valued.

1. Project Manager
1. Undertake the quality and progress of the project, establish the division of responsibilities for the quality of the project, and assume leadership responsibility for the quality of the work of the staff in each position.
2. Implement the enterprise quality system documents, strictly abide by the relevant requirements of the quality management method, and implement the reward and punishment system.
3. Undertake the management method of various resources accumulated in this project, and effectively carry out the distribution to ensure the project quality and progress.
4. Present management review materials related to the project, and Zhiji cooperates with each other in internal quality approval.
5. Organize engineering quality analysis meeting on time to urge, correct and implement preventive measures.

2. Senior Engineer
1. Control the engineering quality and technical work, and do a good job in quality system management and operation.
2. Customized project quality plan, engineering construction organization design plan, finalized and approved project implementation plan, work guidance and processing technology specifications.
3. Carry out technical briefing, and specifically guide the construction team to carry out the project construction according to the engineering drawings and related technical documents.
4. Help the supervisor to gather the quality analysis meeting, organize and specifically guide the operation and supervision of the project quality, organize and execute the on-time inspection, identification, rectification of the project quality and the completion of the project.
5. Specific guidance and supervision of all staff on the spot to make good quality records. Organize professional and technical personnel to collect, sort and compile project quality records and materials for acceptance of completed projects.

3. Representative on site
The quality inspection and the implementation of production and processing plans in the whole process of steel structure riveting and forming, the final inspection project acceptance and component shipment planning work after steel structure forming.

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