Welded structure
Use hot-rolled steel (angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, steel pipe, etc., steel plate, cold-formed thin-walled steel and steel wire as basic components, and connect them by welding, bolting or rivet connection according to certain rules After the basic member is formed, the basic member is irregularly connected into a structure capable of withstanding external loads as a steel structure by welding, bolting or rivet connection.

The welding structure has a series of advantages that other structures can not compare, mainly reflected in the following aspects:Please check the word document below

Prefabricated building
Prefabricated building refers to the transfer of a large number of site work in the traditional construction methods to the factory, where the construction components and accessories (such as floor, wall panels, stairs, balconies, etc.) are processed and manufactured, transported to the construction site, and assembled and installed on site through reliable connection.Has the following advantages:Please check the word document below

Machining parts and molds
Application scope
1. All kinds of metal parts processing;
2. Sheet metal, box and metal structure;
3. Titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, nonmetal and other mechanical processing;
4. Design and manufacture of marine combustion chamber;
5. Design and manufacture of non-standard equipment.
6. Mold design and manufacturing.

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Engineering equipment
The mechanical equipment necessary for the comprehensive mechanized construction engineering of earthwork construction engineering, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile crane loading and unloading operation and various construction engineering is called engineering machinery.

It is mainly used in national defense construction projects, transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw materials industry construction and production, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields.

The main products of the machinery industry include the following 12 categories:For details, please see the word document below