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Committed to building metal structures, riveting and welding, machining, abrasive tools, and stamping products, forming a complete industrial chain.

Committed to building metal structures, riveting and welding, machining, abrasive tools, and stamping products, forming a complete industrial chain.

Issue Time:2020-08-27
On August 26, 2020, Yan Qiuru, general manager of Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd., and Li Yongbing, general manager of Dalian Chengzhi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd., signed a cooperation agreement with Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Committed to creating abrasive tools, stamping parts product market development, from metal structure, riveting and welding processing, machining, forming a complete industrial chain. The two sides complement each other's advantages, work together for mutual benefit and win-win results, and open a new chapter in development. As an authoritative website in the steel structure industry, Fuxin Guangsheng has extremely high traffic and popularity. As a leader in the mold industry, Dalian Chengzhi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has multiple guarantees of high-quality products and an excellent team. I believe that the in-depth cooperation between the two parties will definitely It is a win-win result!

Dalian Chengzhi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on July 29, 2013, and its registered place is located at No. 10-5-6, Northeast Seventh Street, Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province. The business scope includes metal product mold design, manufacturing, mold assembly, debugging, testing, and mold raw material and standard parts supply, sales and technical consultation, as well as goods import and export, technology import and export, etc.

The molds produced by Dalian Chengzhi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have the following characteristics. 1. High precision, excellent material, firm and compact. 2. Durable and not easy to rust. 3. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and long life. 4. Anti-aging, no pollution. 5. The cutting surface is smooth, without burrs, beautiful and durable. 6. Complete types, customized on demand and other features. The company strictly controls the timing and quality of each link of mold manufacturing to achieve product size accuracy. With an attitude of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, we will meet customer needs with superb technology and excellent quality, and provide customers with the best quality service.

Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and has independent import and export rights. The company's business scope includes import and export of goods and technology. Since the establishment of the company, the export business of steel structure products from Singapore, Japan and Germany has been continuously carried out. Completion of foreign exchange settlement transactions for Singapore dollars, Japanese yen and US dollars. We support the processing and production of welded structural parts, prefabricated buildings, engineering equipment, machined parts and molds. The company adheres to the concept of "integrity and pragmatism, innovation and win-win, satisfactory service, and pursuit of excellence". Based on a brand-new management model, perfect technical business, thoughtful service, and excellent quality, the company continues to provide quality services and continuously improve management. Adhere to customer first, pursue win-win and development with customers, and strive to build a sustainable and outstanding enterprise. The company covers an area of ​​18,000 square meters, with a factory building area of ​​13,000 square meters, and an average annual output of more than 20,000 tons. The production base is close to Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, 202 National Highway, Dayaowan Port, and convenient land-sea transportation. Our company currently has more than 100 employees, of which technicians and skilled workers account for more than three quarters. Our company has strong technical advantages and rich management experience, has a professional steel structure design team and skilled operators. The company advocates safety first, quality first, and green production. In addition, it has also obtained ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, EU EN1090 system certification and ISO50430 construction enterprise quality management standard certificate. It has the qualification for contracting construction steel structure projects. The company has signed contracts with Spain, the United States, Japan, Australia, etc. and successfully completed multiple projects.

Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. adheres to the honest business philosophy of "customer first, excellence" and "high quality" as the first principle, to achieve real high-quality development, strong cooperation, and bring customers the best products !