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Effectively improve the construction quality of steel structure workshops

Effectively improve the construction quality of steel structure workshops

Issue Time:2020-08-24
Manufacturing enterprises are indispensable for social and economic development, and production and processing are indispensable. With the continued development trend of the construction industry, most of the factories in our country have started to use steel structures from the original concrete structures at this stage. This is because many companies have realized its advantages, such as faster construction speed, convenient installation, good seismic performance, recyclability, and good environmental protection performance.

With the rapid development of steel structure workshops, as a technically specialized steel structure manufacturer, Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng must strictly restrict and manage itself:

1. Advance preparation for construction: The manufacturer should prepare one or several effective construction plans in advance before the construction of the industrial plant, and make good use of capital investment, and at the same time, care about the progress of the construction and improve the quality of the construction. This is a prerequisite for effectively improving the construction quality of steel structure workshops.
2. Pay attention to the quality control of the whole process of new project development: the whole process is divided into two parts, one is the part of manufacturing in the processing plant, and the other is the part of installation and construction on site. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of raw materials and the whole process of manufacturing and processing during manufacturing and processing, so as to ensure that problems are not easy to occur during installation, and the service life of the steel structure factory building can also be guaranteed.
3. Need to pay attention to quality control during installation. The connection of every standard part is very important, and every stage cannot be slackened. For example, whether high-strength bolts can be penetrated into small layers at will without knocking and reaming. Only by strictly controlling this small key point can the safety and stability of the overall structure be ensured.

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