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Safety measures for steel structure construction in rainy season

Safety measures for steel structure construction in rainy season

Issue Time:2020-05-12
With the development of science and technology, the application of steel structures for construction engineering in the world is getting wider and wider. When carrying out the construction of the steel structure project in the rainy season, some safety measures must be taken. The safety measures for the construction of the steel structure project in the rainy season will be described in detail below:

Temporary facilities and equipment should be inspected before it rains. Electrical equipment, fire-fighting equipment, flammable, explosive, humid, and mildewy raw materials should be inspected, and problems should be dealt with immediately if they are found.

The driving force line of temporary lighting fixtures is constructed in accordance with the regulations during storms. It is not allowed to pull on the spot, nor can it be hung on the steel pipe scaffolding immediately. The actual operator of the motor should wear insulating gloves and wear insulating shoes. Pay attention to the weather forecast to ensure that precautions are taken before the end of outdoor and climbing operations during heavy rain.

Elevator shafts, stairwells, ventilation holes and all holes are covered with plastic film and solid wood multilayer boards in rainy days. Close the windows and doors before work every day to prevent rain from damaging the house decoration and to prevent the windows and doors from being damaged by the wind. The power distribution cabinet at the construction site shall be covered with waterproof and rainproof tarpaulin. The main gate of the mechanical equipment should adopt waterproof and rainproof measures to prevent the occurrence of electric shock and electric shock, and prevent rainwater from entering the leakage protector and causing short circuit failure.

The switching power supply of electrical equipment that is not used during the strong typhoon and heavy rain should be disconnected. All electrical equipment, gate boxes, and power lines should be installed with waterproof measures in mind, and comply with safe electricity standards to ensure the safety of rainy electricity. The storage yard of thermal insulation materials, ventilation ducts, etc. should be carefully checked to avoid water seepage, and the safety protection of other high-precision instrument panels should be improved to prevent damage and jeopardize precision.

Insulation waterproof tapes are used for winding and sealing the laying of cables and transmission lines on both sides to avoid water leakage from harming its dielectric strength. After the wind and rain, the equipment such as steel pipe scaffolds are carefully inspected. When problems are found, the structure should be strengthened and can only be delivered for use after being qualified by professional and technical personnel. Carefully check whether the various electrical equipment on site is intact and can be used only when it is not flooded. If it is found to be infiltrated or regained moisture, be sure to check again.

The factory area is equipped with rainwater outlets, which are discharged into special channels. Set up rainwater wells in the dormitory area and on-site, drain into the water pipeline network according to the rainwater pipes, and the grit pool and rainwater pipes of the rainwater wells must be cleaned on time.

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