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Design and construction of steel structure workshop to the satisfaction of users

Design and construction of steel structure workshop to the satisfaction of users

Issue Time:2020-05-11
Steel structure has been widely used in foreign construction industry. In developed countries, small high-rise, high-rise steel structure housing is very common. Due to the continuous improvement of human cultural life, the requirements for high-rise and long-span buildings are becoming higher and higher. The steel structure itself has the unique advantages of light weight, high strength and fast construction, so it is very ideal for high-rise and long-span, especially for super high-rise and super long-span. As a steel structure workshop in steel structure building, it will be introduced in detail below.

Steel structure workshop refers to the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel column, steel beam, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss, steel roof, etc. When we design steel structure workshop for users, we often need to pay attention to the following matters:

1、 Load bearing: the steel structure workshop bears construction load, rainwater, dust, snow pressure and maintenance load. The bearing capacity of the metal roof slab is related to the section characteristics of the slab type, the strength and thickness of the material, the mode of force transmission and the spacing of purlins.

2、 Daylighting: the building area of steel structure workshop is generally large. In the daytime, the indoor lighting is improved by skylight to save energy. When arranging the lighting board or glass at the specific position of the metal roof, the service life of the skylight shall be coordinated with the metal roof panel, and the connection between the skylight and the metal roof panel shall be waterproof.

3、 Dampproof: especially in rainy season in summer, prevent water vapor condensation in the bottom layer of metal roof and metal roof layer, and drain the water vapor in the metal roof layer. The solution is to fill thermal insulation cotton in the metal roof layer, lay waterproof membrane on the metal roof bottom plate, and there are ventilation nodes on the metal roof panel.

4、 Lightning protection: there are many thunderstorms in summer. When designing the steel structure workshop, it is necessary to lead the lightning to the ground to prevent the lightning from breaking through the metal roof and entering the room.

5、 Fire prevention: in the process of using steel structure workshop, fire is a big hidden danger. In case of fire in the steel structure workshop, the metal roof materials will not burn and the flame will not penetrate the metal roof panel.

6、 Anti seepage: in addition to the anti leakage work, the steel structure workshop must also prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roof panel from the outside. Rainwater mainly enters into the metal roof through lap joints or nodes. To achieve the function of anti-seepage, it is necessary to use the sealing washer at the screw mouth and then use the hidden fixation, and use the sealant or welding treatment at the overlap of the plate. It is better to use the full-length plate to eliminate the overlap, and use the water-proof treatment with tight abdominal expansion at various joints.

7、 Sound insulation: the general steel structure workshop is mostly used in the production workshop. In the process of production and construction, it is inevitable that there will be noise. In order to prevent the sound from outside to inside or from inside to outside, the steel structure workshop will be built. Fill the metal roof with sound insulation materials.

8、 Heat preservation: do a good job of rainwater in summer, on the other hand, do a good job of heat preservation in winter.

Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. can design large-span environmental protection steel structure workshop for customers. The material is Q235B or Q355B, the seismic strength can reach grade 7, and the surface shall be derusted and sandblasted. Steel structure workshop can be used as warehouse, stadium, residence, light steel complex house, light steel villa and other construction sites. The installation method is field hoisting, bolt connection and installation. The steel structure workshop produced by Fuxin Guangsheng has the advantages of large span, high strength, light weight, low cost, heat preservation, environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good heat preservation effect, long service life, space saving, good seismic performance, flexible layout, etc.

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