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Quality Control of Steel Structure Construction Project

Quality Control of Steel Structure Construction Project

Issue Time:2020-04-27
The steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other members made of section steel and steel plate. Welded seams and bolts are commonly used between components or parts. It can be widely used in large factories, venues and other fields. Steel construction requires critical quality control of the following three aspects:

1. Embedded parts of anchor screws
The quality of the embedded parts of the anchor screws will determine the quality of the installation of the steel structure. The location, length, design elevation and flatness of the anchor screws are well controlled. To reduce the hole expansion and adjust the labor, improve the installation quality of the structure. significance. The method of embedded parts for anchor screws can be the immediate embedded method or the embedded hole method. Before placing the basic concrete, the supervision engineer must strictly check the rationality and credibility of the construction method of the anchor bolt engineering of embedded parts, and whether various evaluation index values ​​are within the standard requirements.

2. High-strength bolt connection
High-strength bolt connection standard requirements include metal surface treatment status, leveling and close contact status, anchor bolt hole quality status, etc. In order to ensure the construction quality of the high-strength bolt connection project, the supervision engineer must have a sense of responsibility. In addition to urging the construction unit to improve the quality management method, improve the quality concept, and implement the quality assurance countermeasures, proactively choose parallel surface detection and side stations Supervision and other methods can make the construction quality of high-strength bolt connection projects under strict manipulation.

3. Anti-rust treatment and painting of steel structure
The anti-rust treatment and painting of steel structure is an important task of steel structure construction at this stage. The anti-rust treatment and coating of the steel structure can play a certain role in the construction quality assurance of the steel structure. Since the anti-rust treatment and the coating quality can determine the maintenance cost of the steel structure in the future application period, it also determines the steel structure engineering. Use period and construction safety. Therefore, the staff of the construction unit should pay attention to the painting work, understand its necessity, and have a sense of responsibility for quality control to ensure the smooth anti-rust treatment and painting work of the steel structure construction. Therefore, engineers must pay attention to the anti-rust treatment and coating work, and carry out strict inspection and acceptance of each process, which is the basic guarantee for the quality of the steel structure.

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