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What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of steel structure platform?

What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of steel structure platform?

Update Time:2021-03-29
  Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate. The steel structure is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, and strong resistance to deformation, so it is particularly suitable for building large-span, super-high and super-heavy buildings; steel materials have good plasticity and toughness, and can With large deformation, it can withstand dynamic loads well; the construction speed is fast and the construction period is short; it also has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. The steel structure platform is currently widely used and has high practical performance. The following will introduce in detail the processing points of the steel structure platform:

1. The steel structure platform is also called the welding steel frame platform and the steel equipment platform. It needs to be lofted, blanked and cut before production. When lofting and blanking, the welding seam shrinkage allowance during production and installation should be reserved according to the process requirements. And cutting, planing and milling equal machining allowance. Before gas cutting, the rust and dirt on the surface of the steel cutting area should be removed. After gas cutting, slag and spatter should be removed.

2. When the steel structure platform is making holes, the accuracy and allowable deviation of the bolt holes should meet the specifications. When the allowable deviation of the bolt holes exceeds the specifications, the welding rod that matches the material of the base material should be used for repairing and re-making the holes; Before assembling, the parts and components should be inspected and qualified; the assembly of components should be carried out after the parts are assembled and welding correction, and the assembly sequence should be determined according to factors such as structural form, welding method and welding sequence.

3. When welding the steel structure platform, it is necessary to perform welding procedure qualification for the steel material, welding material, welding method, post-weld heat treatment, etc. used for the first time, and the welding procedure should be determined according to the qualification report; Welding rods with rusty cores, damp and agglomerated fluxes, and welded shells. Welding wire and welding nails should be cleaned of oil and rust before use. When welding, the welder should follow the welding procedure. After the welding is completed, the welder should clean up the slag and spatter on both sides of the weld surface, check the appearance quality of the weld, and after passing the inspection, place the welder's steel stamp on the weld and parts specified in the process.

4. The steel structure platform should be derusted before painting. The painting should be even without obvious wrinkles or sagging. The adhesion should be good. After painting, the original number of the component should be marked on the component, and the large component should be marked Weight, center position and positioning mark.

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