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What inspections are required to ensure welding safety?

What inspections are required to ensure welding safety?

Update Time:2020-12-22
  Welding, also known as fusion and fusion welding, is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure. In order to ensure the safety of welding production and avoid all kinds of accidents, safety inspection related to welding production should be carried out before welding. It can be divided into the following aspects:

First、 Safety inspection of welding production site

1. The necessity of safety inspection of welding production site

  In the process of welding, in order to ensure the smooth production of welding and prevent accidents, it is necessary to check the safety of the welding site.

2. Contents of safety inspection on welding production site

(1) Whether the equipment, tools and materials on the welding and cutting operation site are arranged in order, and there shall be no random stacking on the site.

(2) Whether the personnel engaged in welding operations have necessary channels and whether these channels can meet the needs of welding production.

(3) Whether the welding site area is wide. It is required that the working area of each welder shall not be less than 4m; the ground shall be dry; the working site shall be provided with good natural lighting or local lighting facilities.

(4) Check whether there is mutual entanglement between gas welding hose and hose, between electric welding cable or between gas welding hose and electric welding cable at welding operation site.

(5) Within a certain range of welding operation site, there should be no combustible and explosive materials.

(6) The ventilation of indoor operation should be good, and arc protection screen should be provided between welding operations at multiple locations.

(7) Outdoor climbing welding operation site shall meet the requirements; when welding in trench, tunnel, inspection well, pipe section and semi closed section, check whether there is explosion and poisoning risk.

Second、 Safety inspection of tools

1. Safety inspection of welding tools

(1) Welding tongs: welding tongs are used to hold welding rod and conduct welding power. Before welding, it is necessary to check the conductivity and heat insulation of welding tongs, whether the clamping electrode is firm and whether it is convenient to replace the welding rod.

(2) Welding mask: welding mask is a kind of shielding tool to prevent the welding spatter, arc light and other radiation from damaging the welder's face and neck, including hand-held and helmet type.

(3) Hammer: check whether the hammer head is loose, and prevent the hammer head from swinging out to hurt people in use.

(4) Flat shovel: before use, check whether there are flying stabs and cracks on the edge.

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