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What is the site installation process of steel structure workshop?

What is the site installation process of steel structure workshop?

Update Time:2020-12-18
  In recent years, steel structure workshop has been more and more popular, because its materials are processed and manufactured in the factory, and then transported to the site for installation, which not only ensures the quality and construction speed, but also reduces the construction waste on the construction site, in line with the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection in modern life. The on-site installation process of the steel structure workshop of Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. is as follows:

1. Hoisting of main structure

  Steel beams are spliced on the ground, steel columns are erected, steel beams are hoisted, secondary structures are connected, main structure deviation is corrected, crane beams are installed, interlayer is hoisted and fireproof coating is applied.

  Main quality control: the main structure deviation must meet the specification and design requirements, and the initial and final tightening of high-strength bolts should meet the requirements.

2. Secondary structure installation

  Roof wall purlin, roof wall support, flange support and other structural installation.

3. Installation of roof panel and insulation layer

  First lay the insulation layer, and then install the roof panel.

  The main quality control: the roof is mainly waterproof, so it is necessary to see the overlapping of boards and boards, the situation of nailing, the fullness of glue coating, the need to wipe the glue place clean, the coating on the board surface can not be damaged, prevent rust, etc.

4. Wall maintenance and installation

  It is mainly wall insulation layer and wall panel installation.

  The main quality control: the wall is mainly a beautiful problem, and a window waterproof problem, as well as installation deviation. Therefore, the bottom should be flat, the whole plane should be flat, and the flatness deviation between plates should meet the requirements.

5. Detailed structure installation

  It mainly includes some trimming installation, such as corner between roof and wall, corner of wall, flashing board between wall panel and brick wall, trimming of door and window, etc.

  Main quality control: the installation of detail structure is the last link, and it is also one of the main beautiful projects, so horizontal and vertical is the most basic.

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