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What is the production and construction sequence of steel structure in your company?

What is the production and construction sequence of steel structure in your company?

Update Time:2020-12-17
  Steel structure is composed of steel materials, which is one of the main building structure types. Steel structure is characterized by high strength, good overall stiffness, strong deformation resistance and good seismic performance, so it is particularly suitable for building large span, super high and super heavy buildings; good homogeneity and isotropy of materials, good plasticity and toughness of materials, which can well bear dynamic load; convenient installation, short construction period; high degree of industrialization and high degree of mechanization Specialized production. Quality is the life of an enterprise. The safety production and correct construction sequence of steel structure provide quality assurance for the enterprise. The production and construction sequence of steel structure will be introduced in detail as follows:

1、 Inspection of welding materials

  The production and processing of steel structure is mainly welding, so welding rod should purchase welding materials from qualified manufacturers, and have certificate and material report. Before electric welding, the welding rod should be dried. The welding wire and flux used in submerged arc welding must be matched with the base metal.

2、 Requirements for raw materials

  The raw materials used in the production of steel structure components must be the raw materials produced by regular manufacturers, and must have the certificate of quality and material certificate. Before production and processing, the raw materials used must pass the retest before blanking.

3、 Work with certificate

  Each personnel on the steel structure construction site must undergo strict technical training and safety training, and welding personnel and crane operators must be required to work with certificates.

4、 Rust removal and painting of steel structure

  After the steel structure is manufactured, shot blasting and derusting shall be carried out. The primer shall be applied within 24 hours after derusting, and the film thickness of primer shall meet the design requirements. After the primer is dry to 80%, continue to finish the spraying of anticorrosive coating, fire retardant coating and top coat.

5、 The welding sequence is reasonable

  The production and processing of steel structure is mainly welding, so it is necessary to formulate a reasonable welding sequence. When several kinds of welding seams are to be welded at the same time, the transverse seam with large shrinkage deformation shall be welded first, and then the longitudinal weld joint shall be welded.

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