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How to control and pay attention to the quality of steel structure workshop?

How to control and pay attention to the quality of steel structure workshop?

Update Time:2020-12-14
  In the process of design, manufacture and installation of steel structure workshop, our company advocates that the first thing to ensure is the quality and safety problem, which should focus on "precision control" and pay attention to details. Therefore, our company has taken the following measures for the quality control of steel structure workshop:

1. Measurement control

  During the fabrication and installation of steel structures, the measuring instruments and tools must be inspected by the technical supervision department. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the accuracy of these instruments and tools matches the production requirements of steel structures.

2. Process control

  In the manufacturing process of steel structure, high-precision processing method should be adopted to predict various deformation that may be produced in each process, and corresponding defensive measures should be taken.

3. Embedded control

  Embedded anchor bolt is the key work of steel structure installation construction site. Our company will prepare special construction scheme and carry out accurate construction. In general, before pouring the concrete in our company, the supervision engineer shall carry out the closed measurement and inspection for the embedded bolts, and besides the vertical and horizontal axis measurement, the elevation inspection shall also be carried out. Before the initial setting of the poured concrete, retest inspection should be carried out again to ensure that the anchor bolts are accurately embedded.

4. Assembly control

  The steel structure assembly generally adopts the plane assembly method, which requires high precision. Our company usually requires pre assembly by simulating the actual working conditions of the construction site in the factory.

5. Anticorrosion and fireproof coating control

(1) Anticorrosive coating

  The anti-corrosion of steel structure is mainly divided into atmospheric corrosion protection and soil corrosion prevention. The coating is generally divided into primer, transition layer, intermediate layer and surface layer. In addition to controlling the coating thickness and coating process requirements, the supervision engineer should also master the basic properties of various coating materials to effectively control the project under supervision. If in coastal areas and areas with long sunshine, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of anti ultraviolet and anti salt, acid corrosion paint.

(2) Fireproof coating

  The fire resistance of steel structure is closely related to the fire resistance rating. Under the same fire resistance rating, the fire resistance of different components such as beams, columns and plates are different. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the fire resistance limit and thickness of fireproof coating of main structural members in accordance with the drawings.

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