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How to deal with the safety problem during the construction of steel structure workshop?

How to deal with the safety problem during the construction of steel structure workshop?

Update Time:2020-12-04
  With the continuous increase of China's steel output, the variety and quality of steel are constantly optimized, and the steel structure is more and more popular. The appearance of steel structure promotes the development of building mode and makes the building mode enter a new stage. Due to its advantages of high strength, light weight, convenient construction and short construction period, a large number of steel structures are used in industrial buildings and high-rise buildings.

  The steel structure workshop has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity, environmental protection and energy saving, convenient construction and recyclable use. Steel structure workshop can also reduce the use of sand, stone, ash, is a green building. Although steel structure has many advantages, the construction of steel structure workshop needs a lot of lifting, welding and other operations on the construction site, which brings great risks to the work of construction personnel. Therefore, construction safety has always been the top priority. The following is the main safety problems in the construction of steel structure workshop and the preventive measures to be taken.

1. All construction personnel and management personnel must strictly implement the safety operation regulations.

2. All construction personnel shall wear safety equipment, seriously implement various safety management systems and carry out relevant inspection.

3. During the loading and unloading operation, in order to prevent the components from being damaged, the goods shall be loaded and unloaded according to the instructions of the commander.

4. When lifting bulk goods, they must be tied firmly and balanced.

5. When working at height, operators must wear safety helmet and use safety belt correctly.

6. Personnel entering the construction area must wear safety helmet correctly.

7. When gas cutting or electric welding is used at high altitude, preventive measures shall be taken to prevent sparks from falling down, hurting people or catching fire.

8. After installing the components, the connection quality must be checked. Only after confirming that the connection is safe and reliable, the hook can be released or the fixing tool can be removed.

9. Qualified cables shall be used in the construction of power lines, three-phase five wire system shall be adopted for power supply, and special protection zero line shall be set.

10. Inflammable and explosive materials shall be stored separately in the safe area with obvious fire prevention signs.

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