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What is the design principle of the steel structure interlayer in your company?

What is the design principle of the steel structure interlayer in your company?

Update Time:2020-12-03
  Due to the increasing demand for the area of many industrial plants and storage rooms, in order to improve the space utilization rate economically and reasonably, the secondary construction of steel structure building is a very common method. As the commonly used partition layer of industrial plants and shops, the steel structure interlayer has certain requirements for the design scheme and construction quality. In order to ensure the installation quality of the overall structure, the construction is high The following design principles should be followed for the quality of steel structure interlayer.

1. Program establishment

  First of all, before the construction of steel structure interlayer, survey shall be carried out at the construction site, measure the relevant data, understand the load-bearing performance of the original building structure and other information, and design a preliminary scheme, which can be adjusted after the customer's confirmation or modification. According to the actual situation of the site and the requirements of customers, the final scheme is designed.

2. Processing and blanking

  The selection of steel will be clearly marked on the design drawing. A certain amount of shrinkage should be reserved for the fabricated steel members. After the sample plate is made, it can be processed.

3. Construction and installation

  After the steel components are processed and manufactured, they can be transported to the construction site for installation. The installation of embedded parts must be tight and firm. After the installation of embedded parts, steel beams and other components can be installed.

4. Antirust and fireproof treatment

  There are many combustible materials in the workshop, so it is necessary to improve the fire resistance performance of the whole structure. The coating, thickness and quality of the fire retardant coating should meet the requirements.

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