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What are the precautions for steel structure workshop?

What are the precautions for steel structure workshop?

Update Time:2020-11-19
  Among many kinds of steel structure buildings, steel structure workshop is the most popular one. The steel structure workshop really concentrates the advantages of all steel structure buildings, which is the main reason why many customers are willing to use the steel structure workshop. There are six points for attention of steel structure workshop.

(1) Bearing capacity of steel structure workshop: when building the steel structure workshop, we must consider its own bearing capacity, such as rainfall, snowfall, smoke, maintenance, etc. The bearing capacity of the metal roof panel of the steel structure workshop is mainly related to the cross section of the steel structure, the conduction mode of the pressure, the strength of the purlin or the material.

(2) Heat preservation capacity of steel structure workshop: in addition to moisture-proof in rainy season, thermal insulation treatment should also be done in winter, to prevent heat transfer on both sides of the metal roof of steel structure workshop, so that the temperature inside the workshop changes the same as the temperature outside the workshop. The thermal insulation method of steel structure workshop can be filled with thermal insulation cotton in the metal roof of steel structure workshop.

(3) Dampproof and humidity of steel structure workshop: especially in rainy season or area, it is necessary to prevent water vapor from solidifying on the wall surface and the bottom layer of the roof of steel structure workshop, and drain the water vapor in the roof layer as much as possible. A better way to solve the problem of water vapor is to fill some insulating cotton in the roof layer, and then lay waterproof membrane on the floor of the roof. It is better to set multiple ventilation nodes on the roof panel of the steel structure workshop.

(4) Daylighting intensity of steel structure workshop: because the construction area of steel structure workshop is relatively large, daylighting can be carried out through skylight and wall windows in the daytime, which can save the power consumption of the workshop. In the steel structure workshop, the lighting board or glass shall be placed on the specific metal roof position, and the lighting board or glass shall be cleaned frequently.

(5) Prevention of fire: no matter any building, fire is always a hidden danger in use, and steel structure workshop is no exception. Although the steel structure plant itself is made of steel materials, which is not easy to ignite when a fire occurs, when the fire site reaches a certain temperature, the steel will become brittle inside, and then the bearing capacity of the steel will decline, which will lead to fracture under the action of pressure, and thus cause collapse.

(6) Sound insulation of steel structure workshop: large steel structure workshop is usually used in production workshop. In the process of production and construction, it will inevitably produce a large decibel of noise. In order to prevent the noise from the inside of the steel structure plant to the outside of the steel structure plant, or from the outside of the steel structure plant to the inside. Usually, the steel structure workshop will be filled with sound insulation materials.

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