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What are the advantages of steel structure buildings?

What are the advantages of steel structure buildings?

Update Time:2021-03-25
Steel structure building is a new type of building system, and it is a steel structure building system that people generally favor at present. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel structure buildings use steel plates or section steel instead of reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better earthquake resistance. And because the components can be manufactured in factory and installed on site, the construction period is greatly reduced. Due to the reusable steel, it can greatly reduce construction waste and be more environmentally friendly, so it is widely used in industrial buildings and civil buildings. And gradually become the mainstream of building technology, is the future development direction of architecture.

Compared with other building structures, steel structures have advantages in use, design, construction and comprehensive economy. The specific performance is in the following aspects:

1. Lightweight, energy-saving and standardized steel is used for the wall, which has good thermal insulation performance and good earthquake resistance.
2. The steel structure system used in the building can give full play to the steel structure's good ductility, strong plastic deformation ability, excellent seismic and wind resistance, and greatly improve the safety and reliability of the residence. Especially in the case of earthquakes and typhoons, the steel structure can avoid the collapse of buildings.
3. The total weight of the building is lighter than the concrete structure system, which can greatly reduce the basic cost.
4. The construction speed is fast, and the construction period is shorter than the traditional building system.
5. Good environmental protection effect. Steel construction greatly reduces the amount of sand, stone, and ash used during construction. The use of recyclable or degradable materials will not cause garbage.
6. Meet the requirements of industrialization and sustainable development of construction. The steel structure is suitable for large-scale production in factories, has a high degree of industrialization, and can integrate the advantages of energy saving, waterproofing, and heat insulation into a whole. It is a complete set of applications that integrates design, production, and construction to improve the level of the construction industry.

Compared with ordinary reinforced concrete structure, steel structure has the advantages of high strength, fast construction speed, good seismic resistance and high recovery rate. The strength and elastic modulus of steel are many times higher than that of masonry and concrete, so the load is the same Under conditions, the quality of steel components is light.

The steel structure building has the advantages of short construction period, large span, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, and stable structure. It can be widely used in large-span industrial plants, warehouses, yards and residential buildings.

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