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What reinforcement matters should be paid attention to in steel structure construction?

What reinforcement matters should be paid attention to in steel structure construction?

Update Time:2021-03-24
In recent years, with the extensive use of large-scale buildings, for many construction enterprises, large-scale steel structure engineering has become the focus of competition among enterprises. In the structural system of large-scale complex high-rise buildings, some special problems and reasonable solutions need to be considered in the design of steel structure, including the problem of steel bars in steel structure engineering, have been widely concerned. Therefore, in the construction of large-scale steel structure, steel bars are widely used What should be paid attention to? Next, Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trade Co., Ltd. will discuss with you the problem of steel structure reinforcement.

1. The wall structure and the bolt of the building unit shall be symmetrical up and down, the structure shall be straight, the color plate gap shall not be large or small, and the gap treatment must be appropriate.

2. The position of high-strength bolt should be reasonable, and the construction space of twist device and torque wrench should be considered. Do not install the bolt, because the space is too small and the torque wrench is not screwed in place, so the rod head of the high-strength bolt cannot be broken or the high-strength bolt cannot be tightened.

3. When making tie rod connecting plates for beams and columns, the holes shall extend out if they are not suitable. In some places, the connecting plate on the tie rod is too long, resulting in too small space, and the tie rod is too long to put in.

4. The connection between the wind column and the steel beam shall be spring plate connection as far as possible.

5.Check whether the roof panel is damaged, and whether there are adverse factors of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage under high temperature.

6.After the completion of the project, the coating is also an important link. Pay attention to the quality and apply the fire-retardant coating in strict accordance with the market price.

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