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What work must be done before FXGTSS steel structure shelf plan is finalized?

What work must be done before FXGTSS steel structure shelf plan is finalized?

Update Time:2020-09-01
First、 Prerequisites for selecting loft shelves:

1. Generally, the area of customer's warehouse or workshop is relatively small, and the effective net height is relatively high. Customers want to pursue space utilization.

2. Customers need to store a relatively large number of product specifications and varieties; the product weight is relatively small.

3. The storage operation is mainly manual (forklift operation usually selects high rack).

Second、 Preparation before scheme design:

1. Ask the customer to provide detailed warehouse internal dimension drawings (preferably CAD version).

2. If the size provided by the customer is ambiguous and there are hidden obstacles (ventilation pipes, fire hydrants, various lines, etc.) inside the warehouse, we will appoint professional technical engineers to measure and take photos on site to ensure that the size is completely consistent with the site, which is very important.

3. Understand in detail what products are stored by customers? Size? As well as the amount of storage and use requirements to be achieved. In order to provide customized services for customers.

Third、 Detailed steps in scheme making:

1. With the above preconditions, we will select the engineers who are most proficient in loft type steel structure shelf design from the technical department to make the design scheme.

2. On the premise that the warehouse height allows, we can refer to the customer's requirements and the overall capital budget investment to determine and select several layers of loft shelves, which are usually: two layers of loft shelves, three layers of loft shelves, four layers of loft shelves. The height from each floor to the ground is usually: H = 2200-3000mm, special height can also be customized.

3. According to the comprehensive requirements, select the most reasonable and economic specifications and models of various materials, so as to make the shelf products more competitive in the market.

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